Thursday, April 14, 2005


Receipts are like cash -- very anachronistic and very sad in a modern society. Just look at a receipt and you can see how ridiculous it is:

A receipt is a little scrap of completely non-standardized paper. Even worse -- I paid for these two chocolate sundaes with a credit card. Why in the world did the record of this transaction not get transferred electronically to the credit card company, which would hold it so that I can view it on the web, download it or whatever? All the tools are at our disposal to completely eliminate receipts, but instead they proliferate.

Then you add to this the fact that you actually have to save these little scraps of paper for things like taxes, rebates and expense reports, and it is just nuts. We look like total idiots, hoarding these little scraps of paper because, if we do not, we are doomed. Good grief. It is time to eliminate receipts!

[PS - is there any coincidence in the fact that this rant appears the day before April 15???? Take a guess...]



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You are absolutely right, it is like going back to the dark ages.

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